Life – [virtual] reality ?

Well, I just saw eXistenZ. Having a history of intensive gaming during general/high-school, it left me more spooked than all Saw and Cube movies put together (and then some). Then of course I drifted to something else. Another theory brewing up in my unstable mind.

Why do we tend to drift to virtual reality? Why do we preffer nowadays to write these blogs, post on forums, use sites like hi5, myspace and all that crap? We spend hours on Instant Messengers like Yahoo!, MSN, etc. When I was a kind (I feel like a freakin’ old fart saying that) we went out whenever we got the chance (no homework/chores) and did whatever, it was just great to be outside. Nowadays we chat for hours on Yahoo! then go out and in one hour we’re already bored. We go home and then we continue chatting.

A friend told me a few days ago he got into this XFN thingie (extended friends network) and he had a list. A list divided into friends met and freinds not yet met. The concept astounded me. How in the nine names of Beelzebub can you have friends you haven’t met yet? Is this a hindu “previous life experiences” crap, or do you have some godfather-esque “friends” in high places that look after you as they will need something important from you later on, or what?

Then there’s also the touching story read on a newspaper website (fatefully discovered through a friend’s blog). A cyber-parody of what relationships have become today through our most glorified internet. As the articles say, the poets of old must be stirring in their graves right now, poor bastards. Oh, the article’s in romanian, so if you don’t understand my maternal language, ask for a translation. Three requests and I’ll consider doing it…

And speaking of the interweb, I’m really sure those brilliant people that decided to unite their PCs in a campus network that eventually gave birth to the great service that provides us with so much information today would be really pleased to know that 90% of it’s users know how to chat with each other, send each other pictures or look at their webcams, but they can’t bother doing anything else. I’ve had friends ask me through Yahoo! Messenger for all sorts of help, help which they could easily give themselves by thinking for a minute and using the computer and it’s internet connection for a few more. Since it’s usually a lot faster to just give them what they need, I don’t bother preaching.

I used to see all sorts of shows where they made fun of Goths because they consider the world doomed, a bleak shadow on it’s way to self-destruction. Now seeing that the Earth’s couch-potatoes are now being joined by desk-potatoes, I’m more and more inclined to think those Goths have a solid core of undeniable truth in their vision. Who the heck is going to do anything about pollution, world hunger and all those problems that MEAN something, when all we do is send each other links to youtube movies.

Bah! I heard Manson‘s gonna be in Bucharest this July. I’m going to go google this to see when and where and for how much…

P.S. Since I seem to be stuffing this article with youtube links, here’s one with some actual relevance to the title: Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity. Enjoy.


4 responses to “Life – [virtual] reality ?

  1. hehe. good points dude. reality isn’t “real” or “virtual”, it just is, the way i see it. the only difference is its relevance. cyberspace is part of realty since through it we affect everything else. our imagination is a product of our consciousness that exists in the limited universe created by our brains…and they affect the outside world through us…just as my Blood Elf hunter exists in world of warcraft and affects me by making me sit for hours (not that many cause i control myself) in front of the computer. he is real, bless his soul, but irrelevant in the end to my existance. what im trying to say is that what we would call the “real world” is better, but the brainwashed masses can’t really seem to realize it. life has become so boring for most that they need the release…its a kind of self-defense mechanism that kills you at the end of the day :P. i’ll always prefer snowboarding to world of warcraft, going out with my gang o IMing them and real (pretty) girls to online porn. anyway. i’m really tired and not making any sense. there is only one thing that we can be sure of any way you look at it…
    goths suck!( get a life you depressive assholes…some of us just dont get over the teenage angst i guess )
    just my 2 cents

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