My memory sucks and my timing blows – perfectly special evening ruined

More crap in my life means new post on the blog. YAY!
This time however it’s gonna be one of those “Don’t do what I did” posts. BOO!

This evening was supposed to be spent in a visit along with some of my VIP colleagues (see this post for details on what VIP is) at the Elisabeta Palace. Though this name may take you all to thoughts of Louvre and Buckingham, just like mostly everything else here in Romania it’s a smaller, dirtier version. At least on the outside. The palace is the Bucharest residence of the Romanian royal family, and it is where we go to talk with one of its members, Prince Radu.

Well, unfortunately today wasn’t my lucky day. I woke up with a ton of things to do, and while I usually do my best work in the evening/night, today I had a really close deadline – I wanted to be done with everything by 3pm so I’d have time to take a nice bath before presenting myself in a neat manner to the prince at 6pm. Naturally, things took longer than expected, and doing more than one job at the same time can really stress you out. I barely got most of the things done around 4 – 4:30pm and jumped into the tub… where I fell asleep for about 20 minutes! However restful those 20 minutes were, you can imagine that once I realised what happenned my scrubbing took on a skin-burning speed. I was out and drying at around 5:45pm (go me! – it usually takes me half an hour just to wash my obnoxiously long hair). So I go about my room, looking for my clean, formal clothes (most of my stuff has spikes, skulls and other such motifs). Naturally I sent a message to one of my colleagues that I’d be late. At 6:10 as I was ready and going about for my boots, another colleague calls me to tell me they’re going in (why do I always imagine explosions and gunshots when thinking of that phrase?). I get my shoes on, switch from my biker-like leather jacket to the neater, more suited one, and leave, deciding to take the tram to shave off a few minutes of travel time instead of walking.

Naturally, the tram was slow like a snail and I end up making more than if I had walked. I curse. Then after geting off and darting on the last 100 yards (well, technically they’re probably 2-300). Then on the way it strikes me. I had forgotten my ID in the other jacket (I managed to get ALL my stuff fro mthat jacket except the ID). No ID means no admittance. I curse some more! I do a 180 degree twist and I’m back waiting for the tram, hoping it arrives fast. It doesn’t. My whole curse word vocabulary is active by now. By the time I get back home I’m already 30 minutes late. Since I’m too skittish when it comes to being too late on official business, I’m now sulking in my chair writing this post. Waaay beyond cursing… Maybe some of those who read it wise up and don’t repeat my moronic mistakes.

Be. On. Time!

Small update – look, we’re on the royal blog (scroll to the end).


10 responses to “My memory sucks and my timing blows – perfectly special evening ruined

  1. indeed crappy day… but one thing puzzles me the most.How in the world can u fall asleep in the bathtub? and most of all how can u even think of relaxing in that manner if u know ur late already? 😀

  2. I’m quite proficient at being able to fall asleep in moments of direst urgency. And after a rush of work, when you just settle in a tub of warm water and breath out, lettign all your muscles relax… Mhm, yes, quite difficult.

    I should mention though that my height also enables me to fall asleep without fear of drowning 😉

  3. i fell asleep in the bathtub on the 1st of january 2006. i was piss drunk and i woke up cold as hell. all in all 2006 was the best year so far. and bucharest trams can suck my balls!!! especially no. 20!!!
    sometimes you just end up in existential black holes. could have been worse :P. cheer up. you have 2 monoliths :))))

  4. Don’t worry! Radu Duda is inviting VIP Romania to a new metting tommorow. So you have enough time to take bath, dress properly and go! 😀 Be aware not to take a nap in the bath! 😉

  5. Uhm, yeah, I know, I even spent half the day making a special, mini-version of the VIP presentation document for distribution at the event. Bath was this morning, as for sleep… It’s always a gamble with me.

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