Testing music

Ok so I’m trying to make it so you can listen to some cool songs on my blog (I often find that some songs express the way I feel much better than I coudl ever write). The song thingy should follow.

Max Graham – I Know you’re gone

Edit: OK so the supposed-plug-in didn’t work, I have a feeling WP doesn’t allow flash embedding. At least you can follow the link to the file and listen to it there…

Edit 2:OK I made another try, on another WordPress site, except this one isnt on the WordPress server, and it works. So I guess there had to be something I’d miss on this free server… X( Now I gotta start hunting for a server…


3 responses to “Testing music

  1. not that I have something with music or with you,
    but be aware that the music you publish may be under some form of protection, and some people may find it a legal offense and may sue you’re ass off

  2. As if me having their music on my blog that’s visited by a few dozen people is their biggest problem…

    Besides, it’s not like I’m the one that put it online, I just linked you guys to it…

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