Google rocks

Well, interesting little tidbit: we all know google’s been spreading into as many languages as possible to cover the entire world. But here are a few languages that I doubt any of you expected to see in the list: Latin, Pig Latin, Klingon and Elmer Fudd. Personally after seeing klingon I couldn’t stop laughing for a few minutes…

These are the funnier ones I found at a glance, let me know if you find any other academic masterful languages. 🙂


3 responses to “Google rocks

  1. Personally i don’t see why klingon shouldn’t be there. It might surprise you to know that there are about a hundred people who speak it ( myself not included … yet). My congrads to the people at google who added it. I on the other hand am puzzled as to what bork bork bork is doing there.

    PS I am a trekkie and am not ashamed to admit it.

  2. Bork, bork, bork? Well this one’s new. I’ve personally got no idea where they came up with it from. There must be someone at Google who every once in a while says “OK time for a new ‘name-the-wackiest-language-to-put-on-Google competition. Winner gets a day off.'”

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