I got photos

Myeah… I’ve been taking a lot of time for my own private self lately. Not much blogging, not much forum visiting, hardly much gaming. Going out with all sorts friends, taking photos, having fun, chilling. Only thing I’m not happy about this summer is that I haven’t travelled as much as I’d have liked, but some sacrifices have to be made I guess… 😦

Anyway, I’ve been looking a lot through my photos lately, deleting this and that, and finally got around to making a small collection of favorites, a sort of portfolio in a way I guess, though still fram from it. I made a page for it here on the blog. I’ll be adding now and then whenever I take a photo I’m really happy with. Sometimes I may remove one or two as well. Check it out. 🙂

Also, I’ve come to a few conclusions on what I’m gonna do in the near and bit-further future. Stay tuned for another fuck-the-world-I’m-special post 😉