There’s love in my life

To those that think this’ll be another emo post, hah! It’s about music and photography. 😛

Been to the Moonspell concert yesterday. Boy did they kick ass. The opening was done by romanian bands Sincarnate & Indian Fall, which had some really nice songs. Unfortunately the sound wasn’t very well tuned and sometimes the distortions made me thankful for staying at the top of the arena. When Moonspell started singing though, it was simply marvelous. They took about 15 minutes I think just for the sound checks (making hundreds of rock fans really impacient), but when they started playing, we couldn’t stop cheering. The lights and smoke effects were also very well done, keeping the with the rhythms and moods of the songs. By the time they ended the concert with Alma Mater, everyone was up and cheering. A great evening. Here’s a link to the photos I’ve made.

Also during the day I did my first studio shooting. What I was sure would happen, happened. I’m pretty much hooked. It costs a lot, in both time and money (yay for working weekends), so it ain’t gonna happen very often. Buuut, I love it. Here’s 35 photos on photobucket.

Edit: I should’ve mentionned this before. The studio photos were done using Mihnea‘s EOS350D, in his friend Razvy‘s studio. I’m a stupid fuck for forgetting to psot this… 😦


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