Drink up, me hearties, yo ho!

So yeah, the blog’s pretty much dead, I just never find anything meaningful to write here anymore. The blog just keeps squirming in the grave, with a couple of fingers still on the lip, holding on stupidly.

One thing I oughta point out, to those interested (?) in my existence, is that I seem to have a resurgence in my passion for pirates.

Gods, I wish I was living somewhere near the sea… So here’s a new page added to the blog, with all sort of piratey links. I’d say “I shall update it as often as I find interesting additions”, but by now we all know that’s a lie for I am the lord of procrastination and forgetfulness. Oh, I should mention that after I got this rather fortunate “craving” for all things “Yarr!”, I found out about this. Man, did I laugh. This adds a whole new chapter to the Somali jokes.

In other news, been quite active in the past months in terms of web design. Hopefully I’ll have a few sites soon to more or less proudly link in a retarded version of a portfolio…


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