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A recent discussion with a friend got me into thinking about the city I live in and why I like it here of all places. Despite the horrible dust, traffic jams, noise, garbage, high prices (compared to the rest of the country), shitty people, predominant crime and corruption and most of all horrible heat I still live here and wouldn’t move anywhere else in my country.

Being the maliciously clever person that I think I am, I started to mentally take apart her arguments. I was going to write them here piece by piece but decided against it. I’m too lazy and it wouldn’t persuade anyone anyway, most are usually too stubborn in their blind refusal. Instead I’ll try to highlight everything else. Everything that doesn’t get mentioned when people put down the capital as being a disgusting concentration of human scum.

The city is big. I mean big enough that most people simply wouldn’t be able to cross it in one go on foot. All our other ‘cities’ (they should be called towns at best) pale in comparison. It only takes a few days to see each and every point of interest in any of them. We have loads of pubs and bars for all wallets, restaurants of all sorts of specialities, clubs for all types of music, huge parks and other assorted venues to accommodate virtually anyone. It’s difficult to get bored here and I love it for this. And yes, it may take you over an hour to get across the city to your workplace or to see your date or whatever, but that’s what books and music players are for.

The people are absolutely normal, most of them having moved here from the other parts of the country. So basically our scum is actually your scum, don’t hate us for it. The only difference here is that being a large town, people are used to anonymity and tend to go out of their way to preserve a degree of isolation despite being in the middle of an human anthill. This is absolutely normal. In my view it’s also better than living in gossip-vile where everyone knows the colour of the toilet paper you used after lunch. I hate nosy people. Then there’s all the great people that come here instead of leaving the country. Honestly now, how many geniuses actually remain in their little home towns instead of going where they know their abilities will be of most use and bring the best rewards?

Now let’s talk a bit about crime. A lot of idealistic people have the stupid impression that crime only exists/is dangerous in the big cities. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Open your eyes, in every little town there is at least one gang controlling the shadier side of life. In fact, in some towns you can’t lift a finger without the local boss’ approval. By comparison, though yes, some neighbourhoods are dangerous to walk through at night, the average city dweller goes through most of his life without ever coming in direct contact with organized crime. Let’s not even mention where all those girls going to ‘work’ in Western Europe come from… The big city? Don’t be silly.

Now, there are of course the issues of horrible traffic and the overall dirty look of the city, to which I personally have no answer other than the fact that we also have some parks in which you could fit several rural communities along with their lands.

Then there’s technology. Everything usually begins here. Broadband access, wi-fi networks, multiplex cinemas, newest gadgets for those in ‘need’, etc.

There, it’s getting late and this has become a lot of text. By no means a way to convince people that Bucharest rules, this is just a way for me to show why I like it here. I do not want to convince anyone with my opinion, but on the contrary. If you don’t like it, go wherever you feel better and stay there instead of crowding my city and complaining about it. Some people I’ve met have actually done this and I respect them the most. No double standards, no complacency, no bull shit.

Thus, I guess the blog lives again… I have a few other things I want to write about, as soon as I clear them up in my head.


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