Clear! *ZAPP*

So yeah, I’m once again reviving the blog. Yes, even blogs have their undead…

In this reincarnation I shall attempt to focus more on the more public side of publishing text – mainly I’ll be trying to write cool stuff and post if here. And this was all sprung into action by me finding an old fan fiction I wrote almost 4 years ago – see ‘Awakening’ here.

With the latest Opera I also have built in spell-checking, so there should be some 75% less typos in my posts from now on. Yay for me then! 🙂



Another piece of fiction set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, this one was written years ago at the outset of Games Workshop’s Fall of Medusa V global campaign. Depicting necrons, I tried to keep a balance between calculating machines and former living beings that retained some of their most powerful emotions.

– Awakening –

In a dark, airless room, where absolutely no light had shone for millennia, two glimmering dots of light suddenly disturbed the total darkness. Though pale at first, their brightness steadily increased, as the machine they were part of became increasingly aware of its own existence. At full intensity, the two electric green lights started to slowly move around, as if the machine was looking around, analyzing it’s present surroundings. Continue reading