Smoke Valley

More 40k related fiction. This one is quite fresh, as I’ve simply decided one day that I want to write something set in the Horus Heresy. I also tried to make it gritty, without being an actual action-piece. Aaand then I kept it in the editing stage for about a month

– Smoke Valley –
The aftermath

He stood surveying the smoke filled valley from a command post, resting his hands on a sandbag wall. His gaze wandered through gaps in the drifting grey shroud, from crater to crater, as if trying to find two that were identical. His mind would focus occasionally on one of the few dead bodies he could still recognize. Most often they’d be enemies that were caught in the open in the first moments of the bombardment, but he could also find a few of his own men. He wondered at how each man died. Astartes were known for being difficult to fell, and they’d prepared their assault well, with a massive bombardment preceding it. They had used ordnance of such caliber that even the famous battle plate was insufficient if caught out in the open. Continue reading