Burning the cradle

Another Horus Heresy story. This one started with a simple sentence in my mind – “the drop pods slammed into the earth like the burning fists of an angry god”. It took me very little time to put the intro together, and then hours to figure out what the rest would be about. Since my goal was to make it a decent 1000 word short story, one Imperial Fist’s experience during the invasion of Terra seemed like a good idea. In the end I went 200 words over the limit and I’m not particularly happy with the ‘action’ scene. I then decided to split the intro from the short action story, to send either one to the Great Crusade forum fan fiction contest. Unfortunately what I hoped would be an easy day at work on New Year’s Eve turned out to be hellishly busy, so I fail for the second time now to enter this competition…

– Burning the cradle –
Hell is brought home

The sky rained fire. Lance strikes, orbital missiles and atmospheric bombers seemed to race at visiting destruction upon the enemy below. Bunkers were torn open, trenches were annihilated, entire buildings turned to dust and rubble in the blink of an uncaring eye. And then, as if the devastation had not been enough, came the rain of steel. Hundreds of tear shaped craft pierced the firmament, screaming as they ignited the atmosphere around them. Their fiery trails crisscrossed in the heavens before they thundered amidst the defenders below. The drop pods slammed into the earth like the burning fists of an angry god and then opened to release their cargo – the angels of destruction. Armour clad, their weapons spitting death, as one they roared their hatred and charged their erstwhile brothers. The bitter sons of humanity had finally returned to the cradle of the civilisation that had created them, hell-bent on the murder of their father. They’d set the entire world aflame in their quest for retribution, and humanity would burn with them. Continue reading