Sit down

I recently found this short introductory text I once did for a Planescape character. Couldn’t help but reminisce and decided to post it here as well.

‘Sit down, berk, and let’s swap the chant.’ the cloaked figure said, inviting you with an elegant hand gesture to sit across him. His smiling, semi-cowled face had a discrete, warm glow, and you couldn’t help but sit down and listen. He gestures with familiarity to the barmaid, ordering a pair of drinks. When she arrives with the two tankards he thanks her and props one in front of you. ‘Jon Grey’s my name. Don’t worry, I already know yours. I know you’ve been looking for me, berk. Though you probably don’t, at least not yet.’

A wry smile makes his friendly face look angular and mischievous. ‘Now, now, half the hive knows what you’re looking for. You’re not the most discrete of bloods to have come through this fine establishment. The walls have eyes, the floors have ears. And the tables even have noses, too’ he joked, taking a sip from his tankard. You notice the intricate design on his grey gloves. Fine white lines undulate from the edge towards the fingers, creating a wave effect that make the hands seem to move faster than they are. ‘What you’re looking for doesn’t come cheap, however, but you probably already know that. No easy task, that. But, for enough jink, I think I may be able to persuade the right people to help you.’

With every word your initial scepticism melts and you find yourself grateful for happening upon this peculiar person. Though he looks like an average human, albeit a thin one, and with a odd sense of fashion – most of his garments are dull nuances of grey – there is somehing abotut his presence that’s convincing you he can get your job done. ‘So, how much jink are you willing to invest in this undertaking?’ he asks as he takes another sip from his tankard.

‘Oh, that won’t do at all. Considering the taxes, the equipment, the manpower and not least of all the bribes, this job’s going to bleed you of a lot more than that. I reckon somewhere along double of what you said should do nicely. Along with about ten percent more as my fee. Yes, I know I’m not what folks’d call cheap, but you’ll see my skills are well worth the investment, berk. I usually know whoever’s needed for any sort of job, and if I don’t, I can find and convince the cutter anyway. Not to mention I can take care of loose ends should anything… go wrong. You sign me up and you’ll see you won’t regret it’ the grey man says as he winks at you.


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