The Chronicle of Blood

More Warhammer 40,000 fan fiction. This one is quite fresh, part of a campaign we began at our local gaming club.

Dramatis Personae
Kardion – First Captain and commander of the Flesh Eaters strike force
Borden – Captain, 2nd Company
Crovax – Captain, 4th Company
Lokai – Reclusiarch
Tyriel – Chaplain
Acheron – Chief Librarian
Ertai – Epistolary Librarian
Morollan – Codicier Librarian – Shield of Sanguinius & Unleash Rage
Marduk – Sergeant, assault squad, 2nd company

– Arrival –

Captain Kardion walked in relatively quick but deliberate steps through the corridors. He wanted to get the formalities over with as fast as possible, but had enough sense and experience to know he was supposed to keep a certain demeanour if formalities were to go smoothly. How others perceived those such as him was the bedrock of the chapter’s reputation, and considering the chapter’s more… ‘eccentric’ way of dealing with enemies, it was crucial that his part was done as flawlessly as possible. Otherwise they’d end up like the Flesh Tearers, or even worse. For all their faults, they were still a loyal, Emperor serving chapter. It seemed that tragedy lurked behind every corner in the Imperium, even for the legendary super-human soldiers created to protect it. They may be bigger and mightier than common men, but that simply meant they got bigger tragedies to play in. And a new one was just about to begin unfolding. Continue reading