Hobby – Chaos Terminators part 1

Edit: All the terminators have been completed, and I’ve posted new pics of all of them in this post.

So I’ve decided I should take pics more often, to show whatever models I’m working on – today, 3 chaos terminators. I apologize in advance for the crappy light balance and focus, I was in a sort of rush snapping these.

First one is the Lord. Armed to look like a certain big character that defined the history of the 40k universe, I’ll use in in game as lightning-claw and chainfist combo, simply because it’s one of the few gear options that makes the Lord decent in a fight. Alternatively, if I ever want to switch from Lord to Sorcerer HQ, this guy will suddenly become the Terminator unit champion, armed in the same fashion.

Next up is a model I initially built with two lightning claws, as a “second champion”. Unfortunately the new codex came out, and in some ways it managed to be even more retarded than the 4ed bullshit, so the idea had to be scrapped. Couldn’t manage to break off the second claw, so I added the combi-plasma and this will be the “chainfist & combi-plasma” champion when the Lord leads the squad.

And last but not least, the first of my two reaper autocannon carrying ceramite monsters. Sporting a lovely mace, joyfully donated by my Warriors of Chaos bits box. And yes, that black thing is there to stop him from tipping over. I’m still waiting for these guys’ bases to arrive…

That’s it for now. In a couple of days or so I hope to post a pic of the second reaper autocannon and another one with combi-melta and power axe, work permitting.


2 responses to “Hobby – Chaos Terminators part 1

  1. Mie mi se pare ca au aspectul ala baroc perfect pentru CSM. Initial nu
    imi placeau nici coltii de elefant, dar… “they grew on me” ca sa zic
    asa. 😀

    La urmatorul reaper insa voi vrea sa inlocuiesc lama. Si pana la urma
    s-ar putea si la asta sa o schimb… sau sa o tai. Nu sunt prea multumit de ea nici dupa ce am taiat o parte.

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