Iron Warriors – Iapethon’s Grand Company

Iapethon’s Grand Company

Warsmith Iapethon – while often seen leading from the front, Iapethon is by no means a duelist with qualms of honour – he will not hesitate to swiftly terminate an enemy commander’s opposition with a single shot from his combi-melta. The mission always comes first. Nevertheless, he proudly displays his bionic augmentations to show he’s survived more fights than most of his enemies have heard of.

Terminator brethren
Dorvael – proud of his resilience and skill in combat; favours a huge, double bladed chainfist
Dehrec – favours a pair of lightning claws, always eager to cut apart enemy champions, desires Dorvael’s position as leader
Gorphax – loud, boisterous, wielder of a reaper autocannon he has dubbed ‘Thunder’, in competition with Furidus
Furidus – complete opposite of Gorphax, quiet and meticulous, most often has a higher kill count than Gorphax
Melegh – reclusive and paranoid even by Iron Warrior standards, never fights without his combi-melta, always expecting the worst

Athonax – the Master at Arms, second only to the Warsmith, commands the company’s techmarines and techpriests, along with a small army of servitors, oversees the armoury, maintaining the vehicles and managing the supply lines.

Iromachus – leader of a unit of assault marines that have campaigned alongside Angron’s Eaters of Worlds. They have been given the same cybernetic implants as the Red Angel plants within his own legion, though with a few minor modifications performed by Perturabo himself, ensuring stern loyalty to the legion and their commanding officer. Iapethon was then offered command of this unit as a reward for his loyalty and skill. They have acted as both bodyguards and assassins.

Mallox – headstrong, brutal assault leader, often assigned to the forlorn hope; thrives in the carnage of close quarters fighting and enjoys nothing more than the moment when an enemy turns tail and runs.

Vhalett – meticulous, cold to the point of ruthlessness, often directs the assault company’s support weapons. Some of his warriors joke that the only time he can be seen smiling is when a volley of artillery fire perfectly hits his target.

Brundhal – Terran born, revels in the psychological aspects of warfare; was given his first squad command after the battle of Terra, as a reward for killing one of Sigismund’s Templar guard. He carries his power sword, as a trophy, to this day.

Dreadnoughts – ‘the cold brethren’, Irodax & Gerhon – Terran veterans of the great crusade, both were already captains when the Emperor found Olympia; there was a well-known rivalry between them, which has persisted even after both were interred into dreadnought sarcophagi.

Iron Spear – Predator medium tank, commanded by sergeant Agrius

Horvad’s Vengeance – Vindicator siege tank, initialy named ‘Horvad’s Voice’ after its commander – a belligerent, loud and particularly stubborn warrior; during the war on Tallarn the tank was damaged in an ambush by a melta shot, and Horvad was severely injured. At Horvad’s request, the techmarines built a sarcophagus inside the repaired tank and the wounded sergeant was interred just as if it were a dreadnought.

Karkinoss – Defiler named after a legendary defying beast; it was one of the experiments the Iron Warriors undertook after settling on Medrengard. In the mean time, the design has spread to other legions, through the efforts of Abaddon who recognised the machine’s versatility.


2 responses to “Iron Warriors – Iapethon’s Grand Company

  1. I just finished the 4th terminator this morning. I’d forgotten this post was already scheduled for publishing, I meant to make it public after all 10 were done. Damned work…

    Expect another post some time tonight or tomorrow with another 2-3 spiky terminators πŸ˜€

    Thousand Sons will get their time in the spotlight soon(tm).

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