Hobby – 5 lovely Raptors

Converting combi-plasmas for terminators is a bitch. So in between slicing weapons into teeny-tiny pieces and realigning them, I’ve been working on the new raptors. In game they will be armed with meltaguns, but I eventually decided to give them a couple of melta-pistols I have from a friend that were destined to become combi-meltas for some of my Iron Warriors infantry. I also couldn’t resist and armed the champion with a pair of claws. Maybe in some games I’ll actually give him the equipment in the roster too, as well as making them veterans. May prove fun, if I can spare the points. Well, last night I just finished the 5th of them. They’re built mostly stock, some spiky bits trimmed, one has his chainsword replaced, two more got death company hands together with their pistols.

Enough rambling though, here they are:

Update: Thanks to a friend, the squad now has a name, too – Squad Moloch.

Soon(tm) – right after I get my hands on two more plasma pistols, I will be adding a couple of posts with all my terminators. Gotta say, I’m really proud of how these guys are turning up 😀

Now, iif only I could decide what spiky warband to make… Alpha Legion is a prime contender, they’ve been close to my heart since I started the hobby. The Scourged are pretty awesome too. And there’s always the option of making my own twisted version… We shall see.


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