Hobby – Slaanesh Seeker Chariot

So I finally got around to building the Seeker Chariot I got some weeks back (something I had been wanting to do since it got released in August). I naturally couldn’t help myself and swapped some parts from the stock model with basic daemonette or seeker parts. The end result looks thusly:


And since I’ve never posted any of daemons here, I’ll add the seeker models too, to lengthen the post a bit.

On the daemonic front, the next order of business is assembling 10 more daemonettes from bodies bought from Hoard o’ Bits and spare claws and heads from seekers and this new gorgeous chariot kit. Then I need to get my hands on a pair of pegasus (or greate eagle or whatever) wings, I have plans for a lance & whip armed daemonette riding a winged boobsnake. 😀


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