40k book review – Ahriman: Exile

Ahriman: Exile book cover
“Fate has come for you, Ahriman, as you feared it would and knew it must.”

I was extremely excited when I got my hands on Ahriman: Exile. Not only does it feature a character from one of my favourite legions, it’s also written by John French, a relatively new Black Library author I’ve been quite impressed with so far. This is his first full-blown novel published at BL, and so far his previous short stories (printed in Architect of Fate and Treacheries of the Space Marines) were quite impressive. Now that I finished it, I can say Continue reading


Science Fiction book review – Metro 2033

Metro 2033 English book cover
“It had been possible to develop a route by considering only the length of the journey and not how it would change the traveler walking it.”

While I don’t have a good enough PC to play the computer game, I was quite eager to read the Metro 2033 book that spawned it, being the post-apocalyptic fanboy that I am. Reading around the net, I managed to go into the book with relatively high expectations, starting on it right after Christmas and expecting to finish it around New Year’s. That was not the case, however. Continue reading