Hobby insurgency

Meh, the drafts are piling up and I keep missing posts. Life is busy, I guess. But on a brighter note, a while back I decided it’s time I got back to a niche of the hobby I dropped out of when the only other player in the city left the country – Flames of War. It’s a another game with miniatures like Warhammer 40k, but this one’s World War II themed (thus, awesome).

With that in mind, while saving up cash and looking for the cheapest way to get a big pile of plastic soldiers and tanks, I’ve stumbled on a few bargains. One would be a lovely recovery halftrack someone was looking to get rid of. I snapped it up, eagerly waited or it to arrive and then quickly built it:

Sd kfz 9 recovery halftrack

The barrels were supposed to be loaded in the back as alternative to the canvas cover, but I decided it looks better with the cover on, and the barrels will be kept for a nice fuel/ammo dump objective marker later on.

Next, I have some 1:144 airplanes. After reading Stuka Pilot, I was really excited to get one. Battlefront, the company that makes Flames of War, have some nice resin/metal airplanes, but their prices are ridiculously high. Online, however, I found out that Zvezda make some cheap and decent quality alternatives. I tried to get some at a local hobby store, but the order went down shit creek, so I decided to try alternatives from Revell Microwings, since they’re also similarly priced (about 4 euros). Guess I should be happy the store only had the Sturmvogel and Typhoon left (which I wanted to get for a friend). I’d have gone mental If I bought Stukas (both D and G variants), a Me 109 and who knows what else would have tickled my fancy (like a Spitfire, for instance). I had no idea what I was in for:


That’s the Sturmvogel sprue. Aside from the mold lines, there are miscasts and holes that made putting it together a bitch. Add to that the mediocre quality of the plastic (seems too hard and easily breakable if you’re not careful) AND you only have the option to assemble the plane with the landing gear down (which doesn’t really work when you want to use it in a wargame, or just want to imagine it in flight). I therefore spent some extra time modding the landing gear to make it fit into the hull. After some 6-7 hours (which include lots of swearing and frequent breaks) I the end result is this:

Messerschmitt Me262A Sturmvogel

Then I got to work on the Typhoon. This one I built over several days (less stressful that way), as the kit was even worse. It didn’t have as many miscasts on the sprue (the only big problem was the propeller), but the landing gear had to be shaved massively to fit into the wings., and the rockets were a pain to attach to the wings as well. This is the finished airplane:

Hawker Typhoon Mk I B

To top it all off, as you will probably notice, most of the details on the planes are hardly noticeable, and I’m pretty sure they’ll be invisible after the first coat of paint is applied. One thing’s for sure, I’m not going to buy more Revell stuff. I’ll try some Zvezda and PSC next.

Up next, after many months of doing absolutely nothing, I’m back to work on Warhammer daemons. Stay tuned 😀


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