OK, since after about 5 years I finally changed the look of this sortablog, I guess I oughta update this page as well. Why ‘sortablog’? Well, it’s on wordpress, it works like a blog, but I’ve never considered myself a blogger. While if you look way back you’ll find a few blog-like posts (i.e. rants), I now use this mainly to ‘publish’ various pieces of fan fiction I write, so I can then show them off to various friends and acquaintances without having to send them emails all the time. If you’ll look at the top you’ll also see I’ve made a few pages gathering up various other interests – quotes, photos, music, etc. Look if you will, don’t if you don’t, can’t say I care. They’re more like lists to be remembered for me than anything else.

Oh, who am I? That’s no really important. This is about the content, not the person. If the person is sometimes revealed through the content, it’s only relevant at that particular point in time (or bits).



3 responses to “About

  1. I had no idea you enjoyed long romantic walks on the beach. You should have said something. I could have fixed you up with a long romantic walk …on the Gaza strip.

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