Clear! *ZAPP*

So yeah, I’m once again reviving the blog. Yes, even blogs have their undead…

In this reincarnation I shall attempt to focus more on the more public side of publishing text – mainly I’ll be trying to write cool stuff and post if here. And this was all sprung into action by me finding an old fan fiction I wrote almost 4 years ago – see ‘Awakening’ here.

With the latest Opera I also have built in spell-checking, so there should be some 75% less typos in my posts from now on. Yay for me then! 🙂


Drink up, me hearties, yo ho!

So yeah, the blog’s pretty much dead, I just never find anything meaningful to write here anymore. The blog just keeps squirming in the grave, with a couple of fingers still on the lip, holding on stupidly.

One thing I oughta point out, to those interested (?) in my existence, is that I seem to have a resurgence in my passion for pirates.

Gods, I wish I was living somewhere near the sea… So here’s a new page added to the blog, with all sort of piratey links. I’d say “I shall update it as often as I find interesting additions”, but by now we all know that’s a lie for I am the lord of procrastination and forgetfulness. Oh, I should mention that after I got this rather fortunate “craving” for all things “Yarr!”, I found out about this. Man, did I laugh. This adds a whole new chapter to the Somali jokes.

In other news, been quite active in the past months in terms of web design. Hopefully I’ll have a few sites soon to more or less proudly link in a retarded version of a portfolio…

Bleep, bleep, bleeeeeeeeeep…

Haven’t written here in ages…

In short, life is busy but fun, despite some nasty occurences. Work’s going forward, keeping me extremely busy, but it’s rewarding and fun. Maybe I’ll get a raise too… Hopefully I’m gonna finish college this year. Other than that you’ll find me out or asleep most of the time.

I’ve also gotten me a new camera – S3IS. Boy, is it sweet. I might post some new photos later… 🙂

Google rocks

Well, interesting little tidbit: we all know google’s been spreading into as many languages as possible to cover the entire world. But here are a few languages that I doubt any of you expected to see in the list: Latin, Pig Latin, Klingon and Elmer Fudd. Personally after seeing klingon I couldn’t stop laughing for a few minutes…

These are the funnier ones I found at a glance, let me know if you find any other academic masterful languages. 🙂

Blog ain’t dead (yet)

Well, nothign uch happenned worthy of public posting lately, other than me getting a WACOM. Exams, work, still trying to get a life… 🙂

A bit of a head’s up though: I made two new pages: Quotes and Music. They’re not fully done, but I’ll get on them as time and mood permits. Check ’em out.

I’m also thinking of getting some actual hosting to put this blog somewhere that allows embedding (of flash elements for instance). This also implies a domain name, which I’ve been squashing my brains over, trying to find something that is both me, original, not-too-corny, and available…