A thousand lies – prologue

This was written a few years ago as fluff for a doubles tournament I and a few friends attended. I had a band of Khornate marines allied precariously with a force of Dark Angels, and we needed to somehow explain them ending up together. Unfortunately the story that was planned out was better suited to a full-blown book, so we had to make due with this introduction written like a prologue. The fragment with the Dark Angels librarian was written by Shiv, my partner at that tournament. One day though I would like to write the full story, but I’d like to get more practice before then, I don’t want to ruin the plot with bad writing.

– A thousand lies –

A small breeze made the candlelight flutter as heavy steps broke the silence of the dark corridor. In moments, a huge, dark shape came passing through, blocking in turn each of the alcoves that contained the sacred candles. It moved towards a pair of massive gates, and upon reaching them it stopped. It bowed down before the gate and waited. Though there were no windows, no cameras, no apparent sensors, the being seemed to know it was being watched. After a few long moments of utter stillness, the gates silently opened. Continue reading


Space Hulk awesomeness

So I finally managed to get the new edition of the Space Hulk board game a couple of weeks ago. This resulted in two things: first of all, me happily spending lots of hours over the course of a week or so, getting rid of most of the Blood Angels symbols, any purity seals that could be safely scraped off, as well as the usual mold lines and bolter muzzle hole drilling. I then added a few bits to further increase their uniqueness. Second is me playing a few games with some people I met mostly through twitter on something called #boardgamesmeet – lots of fun. I even wrote an intro for Space Hulk on a fresh Romanian site dedicated to board games (article in Romanian, though – ye be warned).

Anyway, the plan is to paint them as Raven Guard. I’m generally not a fan of bright red stuff like the Blood Angel scheme on the box of the game, and I really dig the raven imagery and symbolism. And if I replace the yellow-greenish tint you see in the linked image with something more like dark blue, I should be very happy with my newfound favorite models. I’ve even toyed with the idea of a Warhammer 40k army list involving these guys (adding a few more Terminators I’d have a half an army already). Going even further, though, I got some inspiration to write a bit of fluff, or background if you prefer, for each of the Terminators. So for future reference, here it is.

Raven Guard 1st Company – The Nightwing

‘We go where we wilt. We slay who we wilt. Let the Emperor judge the righteousness of our deeds.’ – Sergeant D’Kestrel
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Another piece of fiction set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, this one was written years ago at the outset of Games Workshop’s Fall of Medusa V global campaign. Depicting necrons, I tried to keep a balance between calculating machines and former living beings that retained some of their most powerful emotions.

– Awakening –

In a dark, airless room, where absolutely no light had shone for millennia, two glimmering dots of light suddenly disturbed the total darkness. Though pale at first, their brightness steadily increased, as the machine they were part of became increasingly aware of its own existence. At full intensity, the two electric green lights started to slowly move around, as if the machine was looking around, analyzing it’s present surroundings. Continue reading

WIP fiction

I’ve put this here mainly to show a few friends what I’m working on without e-mailing updates and stuff. It’s a fan fiction related to the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Granted it’s more than just a little exercise in writing, hopefully it’ll materialise into something bigger. If you read it you’re welcome to leave a thought though…

– Visions of Hell –

A rich blue sky dominated the view. It’s soothing colour seemed to instill a delightful calm into Kharoum’s soul. Idyllic clouds of pure white floated lazily high above and the very wind seemed to sing of the joy of life. Suddenly though his spirit was overcome by a feeling of wrongness. Continue reading