New, exciting DIY Project

So last weekend I managed to blow a lot of cash (boo!) on some new books (yay!). With this breath of fresh air I’ve found myself excited to start a new project that I’d found myself thinking of from time to time. I also had a huge pile of plastic sprues from all the models I’ve been building these past months and I figured I may as well use them somehow instead of just making my own plastic landfill. Continue reading


Space Hulk awesomeness

So I finally managed to get the new edition of the Space Hulk board game a couple of weeks ago. This resulted in two things: first of all, me happily spending lots of hours over the course of a week or so, getting rid of most of the Blood Angels symbols, any purity seals that could be safely scraped off, as well as the usual mold lines and bolter muzzle hole drilling. I then added a few bits to further increase their uniqueness. Second is me playing a few games with some people I met mostly through twitter on something called #boardgamesmeet – lots of fun. I even wrote an intro for Space Hulk on a fresh Romanian site dedicated to board games (article in Romanian, though – ye be warned).

Anyway, the plan is to paint them as Raven Guard. I’m generally not a fan of bright red stuff like the Blood Angel scheme on the box of the game, and I really dig the raven imagery and symbolism. And if I replace the yellow-greenish tint you see in the linked image with something more like dark blue, I should be very happy with my newfound favorite models. I’ve even toyed with the idea of a Warhammer 40k army list involving these guys (adding a few more Terminators I’d have a half an army already). Going even further, though, I got some inspiration to write a bit of fluff, or background if you prefer, for each of the Terminators. So for future reference, here it is.

Raven Guard 1st Company – The Nightwing

‘We go where we wilt. We slay who we wilt. Let the Emperor judge the righteousness of our deeds.’ – Sergeant D’Kestrel
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I got photos

Myeah… I’ve been taking a lot of time for my own private self lately. Not much blogging, not much forum visiting, hardly much gaming. Going out with all sorts friends, taking photos, having fun, chilling. Only thing I’m not happy about this summer is that I haven’t travelled as much as I’d have liked, but some sacrifices have to be made I guess… 😦

Anyway, I’ve been looking a lot through my photos lately, deleting this and that, and finally got around to making a small collection of favorites, a sort of portfolio in a way I guess, though still fram from it. I made a page for it here on the blog. I’ll be adding now and then whenever I take a photo I’m really happy with. Sometimes I may remove one or two as well. Check it out. 🙂

Also, I’ve come to a few conclusions on what I’m gonna do in the near and bit-further future. Stay tuned for another fuck-the-world-I’m-special post 😉

The sunrise was clouded

Though lacking any significant subject to write on for a while now (though I hope for some activity soon), I thought I’d give my little blog some breath of life with a few of the photos I made in Bulgaria. One thing to mention is that I found I lacked the magic power of a tripod, so it’s now second on my acquisition list, after the graphic tablet. Maybe June or July… Guess I’ll start bugging Mihnea again to help me with me with advice.

Another thing that ticked me off was that when I managed to stay up all night to catch the sunrise (I specifically wanted to catch some sunrise shots) the sky was clouded and heavy, so all I got was a thin, red line far into the horizon.

Anyway, here are some shots. The whole album (about 200 photos) can be seen here. Continue reading

Testing music

Ok so I’m trying to make it so you can listen to some cool songs on my blog (I often find that some songs express the way I feel much better than I coudl ever write). The song thingy should follow.

Max Graham – I Know you’re gone

Edit: OK so the supposed-plug-in didn’t work, I have a feeling WP doesn’t allow flash embedding. At least you can follow the link to the file and listen to it there…

Edit 2:OK I made another try, on another WordPress site, except this one isnt on the WordPress server, and it works. So I guess there had to be something I’d miss on this free server… X( Now I gotta start hunting for a server…