20 minutes to break into my own home…

Weeelll… It’s been a while since I’ve last posted (10 days, geez) and visit count’s showing it. In some way what happenned tonight might be a blessing in disguise to save what’s left of this blog. But it sure didn’t seem like that to me earlier this evening.

I had one of those hectic days. Wake up, go to the palace (see the royal blog for what we were up to), then go to work (yes, the business I’ve gotten my weirdo ass into is getting of the ground and there’ll be an official opening of the store this saturday – more blog material, huzzah!), come home, nibble some food, go to the VIP office to send some important e-mails because my local ISP decided to choke to take out our connection for a walk in the park, then fortune graced me and I went to a pizza with a very lovely friend of mine (went to Pizza Hut – nice atmosphere, crappy menu). I was starting to think this was one good evening when I had the luck to catch the last bus home too (technically it caught me as I was walking home, but hey).

But then I got home… Continue reading