40k book review – Ahriman: Exile

Ahriman: Exile book cover
“Fate has come for you, Ahriman, as you feared it would and knew it must.”

I was extremely excited when I got my hands on Ahriman: Exile. Not only does it feature a character from one of my favourite legions, it’s also written by John French, a relatively new Black Library author I’ve been quite impressed with so far. This is his first full-blown novel published at BL, and so far his previous short stories (printed in Architect of Fate and Treacheries of the Space Marines) were quite impressive. Now that I finished it, I can say Continue reading


Horus Heresy book review – Aurelian and Deliverance Lost

Aurelian book coverDeliverance Lost book cover

“All I ever wanted was the truth.” – Lorgar
“We were born to greatness, but we must endure tragedy.” – Rogal Dorn to Corax

Since Aurelian is a pretty short novella, I thought I’d chuck a mini-review in with Deliverance Lost. Though I also read Death of a Silversmith, I’ll tackle that one when I reach Shadows of Treachery.

I’ve already started Deliverance Lost, unable to help myself. But I’m going to try to put down my thoughts on Aurelian while they are still fresh. Continue reading

Horus Heresy book review – The Outcast Dead

Horus Heresy The Outcast Dead book cover
I decided to catch up on the Horus Heresy, and so I picked up The Outcast Dead. I finished the book just a few moments before writing this review, and I’m still not certain how I feel about it. The first part of the book was absolutely great. The ending was spectacular. The action throughout the middle part was entertaining. I maintain my opinion that Graham McNeill writes far better than many over-hyped BL authors. But, unfortunately, there are details and questions that mar this book too much. Continue reading

40k Book Review – Architect of Fate & Daemon World

Architect of Fate book coverDaemon World book cover
I’ve been thinking lately to add content to the blog as I finish various books. And since the last two I’ve read are 40k books from the Black Library, I’ll be reviewing them together. First up is the disappointment that was Architect of Fate – a collection of novellas that are all supposedly featuring or at least related to Kairos Fateweaver, the blind Lord of Change that has survived the Well of Eternity. I’ll take the 4 stories in turn.
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Hobby – Slaanesh Seeker Chariot

So I finally got around to building the Seeker Chariot I got some weeks back (something I had been wanting to do since it got released in August). I naturally couldn’t help myself and swapped some parts from the stock model with basic daemonette or seeker parts. The end result looks thusly:
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